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Do you always find yourself getting friend-zoned by women you are attracted to? The truth is, making a woman want you and even become her obsession can be tough. However, it does not need to be an uphill battle if you are using the right seduction techniques. Talking about the right techniques, you’ve probably heard about the Make Women Want You system by Jason Capital. If not, this program teaches you how to attract, impress and make any woman desire to be with you by providing you with simple yet effective strategies. But can it really improve your success with women? We find out shortly in this comprehensive and unbiased review.

Overview of the Product

The system is a 115-page book created by Jason Capital. The program is quite comprehensive covering everything you need to know about meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women. Inside the guide, you will discover different techniques to help you make the woman of your dreams desire you. Best of all, you don’t have to change yourself just to be the kind of man she wants, or use those cheesy pick-up lines just to make her want to bang you.

Available in PDF format only, the program can be accessed online. However, you will need a reliable internet connection and a desktop or tablet to download it. What makes it unique is the fact that it is based on real-world experiences as well as evolutionary psychology. In addition to this, it utilizes a proven and tested three-step formula that makes it even more effective.

What To Expect When You Buy The Product

To start with, the system is divided into small and detailed chapters that are easy to follow so that men of all ages and levels can use it. It features three phases that nearly every woman undergoes when building a relationship. These phases include High-Value Small, Escalation and Attraction and their effectiveness is based on psychology, science, and sociology.

Inside the guide, you will also learn how to avoid rejections with every woman you meet by triggering a strong desire for you deep inside her. In addition to this, you will discover eight high-value triggers to use anytime you’re conversing with a woman and how to make them a natural part of all your conversations. With these triggers, you will have women fighting each other just to talk to you. As if that’s not enough, the system also reveals practical tips on how to create a personal style so that you look more attractive.

You know what else? The guide has also unearthed the secrets to engaging in interesting and meaningful conversations with a hot woman. This way she will not be able to resist you and will be begging to sleep with you. Further, you will discover when is the right time to call or text her as well as how to properly approach her the next time you meet. This technique is designed to help you strengthen your feelings and develop a strong connection.

Pros with Make Women Want You System

  • Includes practical tips and real-life examples
  • Comes with 60-day hassle-free money back guarantee


  • Written by a guy with many years of experience in the field of dating and relationships
  • Works for all men whether you think you’re unattractive, overweight or introvert
  • Relatively cheap and comes with tons of bonus products
  • Helps men understand women better

3 Problems with Make Women Want You System

  • Not for men who don’t like being challenged


  • Designed only for guys who are action takers


  • Only available in PDF version

Bonuses for the Product

One of the things that make this system stand out from the competition is the many free bonus guides it comes with. When you purchase the dating course, you will receive 9 informative bonus reports including:

Bonus #1: This manual contains different lines designed to help you make any woman feel strong attraction for you. All you have to do is use the lines on her as they appear in the guide.

Bonus #2: Next up is the Stuck On You bonus report that will make your girlfriend or lover to never cheat on you. It contains techniques that will make her psychologically unable to imagine being with another man.

Bonus #3: This is Jason’s personal favorite guide that teaches you how to know exactly what to say and engage in deep, sexual and fun conversations naturally with a woman.

Bonus #4: In this bonus report, you’ll discover how your body language can make you a great attraction machine.

Bonus #5: With this guide, the author teaches you how to give a woman an earth-shattering orgasm that will make her beg for more.

Bonus #6: This guide reveals the eight hidden switches every woman has in her brain that makes her feel extreme attraction for a man every time any of the switches are flipped. Inside the manual, you will learn how to correctly flip each one of them without even saying a single word.

Bonus #7: With this bonus report, you get a lifetime access to Jason’s best-selling book known as the Charm Bible. The book contains step-by-step instructions and closely-guarded techniques to help you improve your natural charm.

Bonus #8: Worth $900 value, this is a video training course that teaches you when and where to kiss her as well as how to make a normal kiss magical.

Bonus #9: This bonus report guarantees you access to the private members’ area for free. In the members’ area, you will find videos of Jason meeting and setting up dates with hot women. In addition, you will get to see him implement every technique in this guide.

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About The Authors

Make Women Want You was authored by Jason Capital, a well-known pickup artist, and relationship expert. Jason is also reported to be a best-selling author and lives in Los Angeles, California. Apparently, as a dating expert, Jason works with entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities, and CEOs’. In addition, he claims to have helped thousands of men in different countries and have also been featured in various magazines.


Final Thoughts/ Verdict

If you are still wondering whether the Make Women Want You system works or if it’s legit, the answer is yes it does work. However, results might vary depending on a number of factors. Fortunately, you can try the program for 60-days and if you’re not satisfied with the results, Jason will refund your money. Verdict: We highly recommend it.



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