How To Make Her Fall Madly In Love With You

While there are so many dating programs out there, most of them focus on teaching women how to find the right man. Sure, there is nothing wrong about that but what about those guys who don’t know how to approach a woman? This is where the Unlock Her Legs program comes in. It is designed to teach men how to finally date even the hardest-to-get damsel, make her chase after you and beg you to smash her. But does it really live up to its claims? This review seeks to shed more light on the dating program.


Overview of the Product

Created by two legendary dating coaches, Unlock Her Legs is a guide that teaches men how to easily penetrate any woman’s mind and make her want you. Simply put, it’s like a complete seduction roadmap. According to the authors, you can use the program to make that hard-to-get girl to be your girlfriend and become obsessed with you. Best of all, you can use it on any girl including a female friend, co-workers, a girl you meet at a bar or even an ex-girlfriend.

The program effectiveness is based on a simple mind game known as “The Scrambler”. This game is designed to help you tap into a secret desire that every girl has and use that desire to your advantage. Basically, with this game, you will be like literally ‘scrambling’ her brain until she will be the one chasing after you and sexually fantasizing about you.


What Should You Expect From The Program?

To start with, the guide reveals four steps of The Scramble game and also maps out a simple and easy-to-follow strategy to help you put the entire sequence into action. Along with that, you will discover a secret question to ask a girl in order to tell whether or not she is ready to sleep with you. This will save you from any kind of embarrassment and the risk of rejection. In addition, the program unearths why women get bored with you so fast and how to actually change that. You will also learn how to easily plant sexual thoughts in her mind using simple and innocent texts.

Additionally, you will come across some secret signs women send when they like a guy so you can know if it’s time to make your move or not. On top of that, the guide reveals how to act during the five minutes of meeting up with her. As it turns, this moment plays a key role in determining if she would want to sleep with you or just wants you guys to be friends. To crown it all, you will learn a simple technique to help you quickly change your conversation towards sexual.

Moving on, the guide teaches you the perfect way to deal with a woman who does not seem to respond to any of your text messages. Also, you’ll discover the easiest way you can plant the idea of having sex with you in her mind. Inside the program, you’ll learn how to increase the sexual tension she feels when you’re together. In addition to this, the guide reveals the only proven technique to ask a girl out on a date without risking rejection. Apparently, there is no way she’s going to say no to you as long as you use this unique technique.

Last but not least, Unlock Her Legs unearths important rules of engagement that you should always follow so you don’t appear desperate and mistakenly give her the upper hand. Besides, you’ll get to discover how to create a strong bond with her by making her admit things to you.

3 Problems with Unlock Her Legs

  1. The program is only available in digital format
  2. Takes time before you can start noticing results
  3. Contains a lot of information that can be a little bit overwhelming

Bonus Guides for the Product

When you purchase the program, you will receive six bonus reports at no extra cost including:

Bonus #1: This bonus report comes in the form of a video and teaches you how to skyrocket the sexual tension a woman feels towards you anytime you’re around her.

Bonus #2: Inside this guide, you will discover different signals that women send to a guy they like. The report basically gives you the power to read her mind so that you never miss a chance to make your move.

Bonus #3: This bonus report is specifically designed for use on any girl with a boyfriend. Apparently, it will make her come running right into your fold and leave her boyfriend.

Bonus #4: This eBook contains a unique pattern of messages you can use on your female friend and get out of the friend zone. As a result, you will have complete control of the relationship.

Bonus #5:

The report seeks to teach you all that you need to do to make sure you are the best she is ever had in bed. This way, you’ll be able to control her mind to an extent that she’ll always think about sleeping with you – not any other guy.

Bonus #6:

This bonus guide includes 12 topics to help you start a conversation that will make her feel like she is helplessly falling head over heels for you.

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About The Authors

The program is authored by Rob Judge alongside his buddy and workmate Mr. Bobby Rio. The two guys are also dating coaches. Back in 2010, both Rob and Bobby decided to unlock the mystery puzzle that is the female mind. This happened as they had gotten tired of women going out with other dudes and not them. What they discovered were dozens of secret seduction techniques with immense potential to turn any girl on. Their search also made them discover a unique sequence of using the strategies which they nicknamed “The Scrambler”. After testing, refining and perfecting the whole sequence, the Unlock Her Legs was born.

Final Thoughts/ Verdict

So, does Unlock Her Legs really work? Well, in our opinion it does. It contains so many powerful techniques that can help you seduce beautiful women and get out of the friend zone. Furthermore, the authors offer you a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the results. Verdict: Highly Recommended.


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